On February 24, 2014 I wrote to the Archbishops of Canterbury, Westminster and York respectively. The letters were dated February 23, and are fairly self-explanatory. As of March 30, 2014 I have received two replies: from Archbishop Sentamu in person, and from the Secretary to the Archbishop of Canterbury. Inadequate though it is, the former reply is far superior to the latter.

The documents linked below are fairly straighforward. The first is a PDF of the letter as it came off my computer; the second is an actual scan of the letter sent to Archbishop Sentamu; my apologies for the slant, the printer was not mine.

Although I received two replies to my three (identical) letters, I cannot really claim this page consists of correspondence with the archbishops, hence the title.

Apart from that, I have nothing more to add except to refer the reader to the articles on Basic Income listed on the Site Index page.

Letter to the Three Archbishops
Scan of letter to Archbishop Sentamu
Reply from Archbishop Sentamu
Letter from Andrew Nunn, Secretary to the Archbishop of Canterbury

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