Notes And References


(1) Public museums and art galleries can truly be said to be publicly owned because they are open to all, including non-citizens (tourists, etc) though obviously access will be limited to reasonable opening times. Artefacts exhibited by such bodies can rightly be said to be held “in trust” for the people of Britain (and less parochially for all Mankind), so just as obviously no one has the right to steal them. This is in stark contrast to fraudulent rail travel.
(2) For a full discussion, the reader is referred to the 1968 Garrett Hardin article in Science reprinted here.
(3) Professor Bartlett’s classic lecture Arithmetic, Population And Energy can be found on his own website, on YouTube – where at the time of writing it has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times – and sundry other places. Its thesis is alarming, but nowhere near as alarming as the response of the cornucopians who refuse to admit that we are facing any sort of crisis, much less than that is already one minute to midnight.

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