Letter To Andy Haldane Re The Gender Pay Gap



While I am not surprised the “Guardian” should publish an article about the mythical gender pay gap, I am more than a little surprised that the top economist at one of the world’s leading central banks should not only endorse it but suggest monitoring should be extended to small firms.

Such monitoring can only impose further unnecessary costs on such firms, thereby further disadvantaging them in comparison with large ones. It is a matter of public record that large firms welcome such interference including the minimum wage, licencing, etc, because of this comparative advantage. To take one small example, the cost of operating a taxi firm in New York City ‐ a medallion ‐ was $160,000 last year. Big firms are happy to pay such extortionate prices because they prevent small operators entering the market, thus preserving their cartel.

Regarding the gender pay gap, here is an article I wrote about it a while back, for a now defunct website:


Should you desire to go into further detail you might start with the works of the two American economists cited therein ‐ Walter Williams and especially Thomas Sowell. They debunked this rubbish four decades ago.

It is also a sad irony that the people who are promoting the pay gap lie most insistently are women like Kat Banyard who are paid handsomely to churn out their rubbish, often at public expense or on grants dolled out by some “patriarchal” foundation.

Yours Sincerely,
A Baron


The above missive was sent to Andy Haldane of the Bank Of England by e-mail the same date the linked article was published.

I couldn’t find an address for him but sent it to three Bank Of England addresses including the press office. On October 25, I received a response from a bloke named Charles who said he would pass on “your views” to the Chief Economist.

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