Letter(s) To The Two Prime Ministers – Introduction


The two documents linked below – in Portable Document Format – were written by David Musa Pidcock, Leader of the Islamic Party Of Britain, as open letters to Call Me Dave and his partner-in-ignorance, Nick Clegg. Although the letters are numbered 2 & 3, they are in effect complete documents; he informs me that the deficient first letter is subsumed by the second. It remains to be seen if either of our two Prime Ministers actually read much less understood the self-evident truths they contain.

As pointed out in the second letter under “The Big Lie”, during the Second World War, the Bank of Canada simply created all the credit necessary at near zero interest rates.

This is a story that has been repeated throughout history; no government, no emperor, no ruler, has ever lost a war because he, it or they ran out of money. If cheap money can be found to fight wars, why canít it be found for peace? David Pidcockís letters may make heavy reading for the uninitiated (not just Cameron and Clegg), but that is because he has spent many years researching the uses and abuses of money and the financial system. Having said that, the reader will find much material on this site which will help demystify the dismal science. I would recommend in the first instance The Money Trick.

April 10, 2011

Letter to Cameron & Clegg, July 8, 2010
Letter to Cameron & Clegg, March 13, 2011

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