Positive Money keeps up the pressure on the banksters

Positive Money is continuing its educational work with a new video about the biggest problem the world faces, and what we can do about it.

The London-based pressure group Positive Money may have a small team but it has unparalleled commitment. Mira Tekelova has been its organiser since July last year. As they point out in a recent release:

After nearly two years of hard work, there’s some real momentum building in the movement to democratise money and reform our privatised, debt-based money system. The next couple of months will see the launch of a new UK-focussed documentary about money...the release of our report on the shift of power from Parliament to the big banks, the release of James Robertson’s latest book, entitled Future Money, and the birth of a sister to Positive Money in Ireland...

The new documentary is called 97% Owned, and is said to be the first UK-focused documentary about money, money creation and the privatised, debt-based money system. It will be released May 1.

Not much more need be said, but here is a trailer – more can be found on YouTube – and here are a few words from Mira.

AB: I gather you have just held a conference in Edinburgh. Who spoke there?

Mira Tekelova: Who spoke at the Edinburgh conference? Here is the agenda with speakers:


and here the videos of all speakers: http://www.justbanking.org.uk/video/

AB: How did it go?

MT: I watched it only on streamlive, but I would say that it was an extremly interesting and inspiring conference. Many speakers including Professor Richard Werner and Professor Steve Keen talked about the money creation by private banks as of a crucial problem.

AB: How long is the new video?

MT: The documentary will be available free online or on DVDs in two versions (60 minute version focused on money creation and potential reforms and full, extended 2 hour 20 minute version). You’ll be able to get DVDs from Positive Money. There’ll also be a screening in London towards the end of May, and hopefully screenings around the country. More on that soon...

AB: Who scripted it, produced it, etc?

MT: Independent documentary producers (Michael Horwarth and Micheal Oswald of Queue Politely).

AB: Is it going onto YouTube straightaway, or will there be private viewings and the like?

MT: It will be free online from 1st May and the public screening will be arranged around the country.

AB: Whose idea was the Irish campaign?

MT: Paul Ferguson and James McKumiskey.

AB: What interest have you had from Europe and beyond?

MT: We have increasing number of supporters from abroad.

AB: Will there be groups starting up in other countries?

MT: Some are already existing: In USA: Very similar are the American Monetary Institute’s proposals, which are now embodied in the National Emergency Employment Defense Act of 2011 (HR 2990), a Bill which was submitted to Congress by Congressman Dennis Kucinichon September 21st, 2011. In Germany there is an Initiative Monetative that is also calling for 1) the full re-establishment of the public prerogative of creating money, 2) an end to the creation of money by means of commercial bank credit and 3) spending new money into circulation debt-free through public expenditure. The Initiative Monetative – Monetary Modernisation with the same objectives is also in Switzerland. In New Zealand: Positive Money NZ.

And initiatives with similar objectives are starting in Canada and Italy.

[The above op-ed was first published Aprl 24. 2012.]

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