“Racism”, The Underclass And The Numbers Game


In case you hadn’t noticed, there is a powerful, totally ruthless and equally disingenuous lobby running amok in Britain and many other places. This is the “anti-racist” lobby. I always italicise that word became it is one that has been so used, misused and abused that it isn’t even an epithet anymore. It is equated with bigotry, another word that is misused and abused with monotonous regularity, often by the same people who misuse and abuse racism and declensions thereof.

Jim Conley: At one time a man of his humble estate could eke out a living pushing a broom. No longer.


Most of these people are more red than black, and those blacks who use it most are usually those less likely to have been on the receiving end of racial bigotry and intolerance, although many of them seem to believe they are such wonderful people that no one could ever dislike them for any reason but the colour of their skin. Race by the way is a lot more than skin colour, in spite of their at times lunatic rather than vacuous denials. Let’s not discuss individuals though, let’s look at the generalities, and consider the way racial statistics are abused, something I call statistical racism. I thought I’d invented that phrase and wish I had, but the United States House of Representatives beat me to it.

One of the big racial issues in the United States as here is the supposed racial disparity in crime statistics, including in the application of the death penalty. I had this conversation recently with someone who contributes regularly to this site. He came out with the same vacuous arguments as the rest of this lobby.

Rather than embarrass him and expose him for the moron he is, I will expose a white moron instead. Writing in the New York Times last year, David D. Row whined that the death penalty was “as racist and as random as ever”.

The death penalty is not random, or not that random. Some states have it, while others do not. Of those that have it, most use it sparingly if at all. This is why Troy Davis was executed for one murder while serial killer Terry Blair was sentenced to life imprisonment; why Linda Carty who committed one murder faces execution, while Andre Crawford who murdered eleven women does not. Incidentally, Crawford – who targeted lower class, vulnerable black women – could have been sentenced to death, and the relatives of his victims wish he had been.

Does Mumia cop-killer’s number one fan Johanna Fernández PhD (pretty hair-brained damsel) really want to make common cause with the likes of Crawford? Man, you ain’t a sister to this dude, you his next victim, dig?

Of course, only a tiny minority of people – black and otherwise – who end up behind bars are so totally unworthy of redemption. The majority are there because of drug or drug-related offences and for crimes involving property: theft, fraud and so on. Is this a racial problem? No, even if blacks were more dishonest than whites, it would not be a racial problem. The problem is that blacks make up a large percentage of the underclass. Again, let us not concern ourselves for the moment with any racial, biological or other factors here, let us just state the facts. Most blacks indeed most people behind bars are there because for whatever reason they couldn’t keep their hands off other people’s money. It is easy for police officers and others to come out with such platitudes as “Crime is a voluntary act” and so on, but the fact is that for some people at the bottom of society this is the least unpleasant alternative.

Today, in 21st Century Europe, America, Japan and other advanced nations, there are very few jobs for the unskilled and for people who in an earlier age would have been able to find some sort of gainful employment, even if it was only pushing a broom, like Jim Conley.

At one time, not only the upper classes but the middle classes and even the lower middle classes had servants. No one has servants today. There were other jobs that all manner of unskilled and otherwise unemployable people could do. These have now literally all disappeared, jobs like shoeshine boys, lift operators (can you imagine that?), lectors (ever heard of that?), pinsetters (you’re kidding me), how about lamplighters?

You can add to this the fact that manufacturing jobs have largely been relocated to the so-called Third World, and there is little or nothing left for da boys in da hood to turn to in order to make an honest buck. The most important word in that last sentence is buck; most people prefer to make an honest one, if for no other reason it offers them peace of mind, but when people need to make a buck or have a desire to improve their standard of living, even to the point of keeping a roof over their heads, a dishonest buck is viewed by many as infinitely better than no buck at all.

When one factors in things like the increasing automation of society (resulting in the destruction of even more menial jobs), and the exclusion from the workplace of people who have criminal convictions, mental/emotional problems, poor literacy and so on, it is easy to see how an already large underclass can keep growing.

The response of the braindeads – like Johanna Fernández – is simply to harp on and whine more and more about racism. Convincing politicians – liberal and not so – that racism rather than unemployability is the problem has actually made the real problem even worse. Now we have reams and reams of “anti-racist” legislation with the accompanying ethnic monitoring and everything that goes with it. All this does make jobs, but not real jobs, certainly not for the underclass, be they black, white, or anything else.

Ethnic monitors, equality officers and most of all overpaid government and local authority lawyers may be paid (not earn) comfortable salaries, but at the end of the day they contribute absolutely nothing to the wealth of nations, although they do cause no little embitterment amongst employers of all races and white people generally.

Those who desire to truly liberate the underclass, be they black, white or whatever, should look for real solutions. Discrimination in employment – imagined or real – is not the problem they need to solve. Think about this, if there are not enough jobs to go round, it doesn’t matter how you carve them up, someone will still be left without a livelihood.

That is the key word, livelihood. Until our leaders accept the reality of this situation, that what people need is livelihood, not make-work jobs, and not bigger and bigger doses of “anti-racism”, the underclass will continue to grow, and so will the resentment of all those trapped by both the misnamed benefit culture and the aptly named poverty trap.

[The above blog was first published October 28, 2012. The original included a stock photograph which has been replaced by one of Jim Conley (linked from my main website). Very minor corrections have been implemented to the text.]

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