Notes And References

(1) Revelation, Chapter 13, Verse 18, quoted here from THE HOLY BIBLE CONTAINING THE OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS AND THE APOCRYPHA..., published by University Press, Oxford, (1857).
(2) A corollary of this widely held fallacy is that every rumour must contain a grain of truth, so the mere fact that somebody invents a lie is proof of its veracity!
(3) ANTISEMITIC PROPAGANDA: An Annotated Bibliography and Research Guide, by Robert Singerman, published by Garland, New York, (1982), page 215.
    According to the compiler, this article appeared in the June 1955 issue of Mrs Van Hyning’s newspaper, Women’s Voice. It was written by Eustace Mullins, a long time anti-Semitic propagandist. When the current writer interviewed Mullins at the Global Deception Conference in January 1993, he said that the title was chosen by Mrs Van Hyning (rather than by himself) and that she was openly and extremely anti-Semitic.
(4) Nazis, Communists, Klansmen, and Others on the Fringe: POLITICAL EXTREMISM IN AMERICA, by John George and Laird Wilcox, published by Prometheus, Buffalo, New York, (1992), page 34.
   The fringe watcher concerned is Laird Wilcox, a sometime correspondent of mine; his co-author is a mainstream academic.
(5) “and the truth shall set you free: The most explosive book of the 20th Century”, by David Icke, published by Bridge of Love, Ryde, Isle of Wight, (1995), page 397.
(6) ‘KEEP THE I-CARDS’, published in the Daily Express, March 12, 1945, page 3, and Police want identity card to stay 90 p.c. agree, published in the Daily Mail, June 12, 1945.
    These two press cuttings can be found in Public Record Office file HO45/25014. The second appears to have been misattributed.
(7) The following is extracted from Social Credit, by C.H. Douglas, published by the Institute of Economic Democracy, Vancouver, Canada, (1979), page 87.

Let Deposits = D
Let Loans, etc. = L
Let Cash in Hand = C
Let Capital = K

Then we have

Assets = L+C
Liabilities = D+K
So that L+C = D+K

Differentiating with respect to time, we have -
dL/dt+dC/dt=dD/dt; K being fixed, dK/dt=0.

Assuming that the Cash in Hand is kept constant dC/dt=0.

Therefore dL/dt=dD/dt

“which means, of course, that the rate of increase, or decrease, of loans is equal to the rate of increase, or decrease, of deposits.”

(8) CHEATS AT WORK An Anthropology of Workplace Crime, by Gerald Mars, was first published in 1982.

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