Notes And References


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(3) Hence the immortal aphorism: there are lies, damned lies, and statistics!
(4) Israeli Loan Dispute Turns Ugly; Rightist Calls Bush ‘Anti-Semite’, by Clyde Haberman, published in the New York Times, September 16, 1991, Late Edition, page A1, continuing on page A8 as Israel’s Battle for Loans Grows Ugly.
(5) In the wake of Sabra & Shatilla, the short lived left wing newspaper Labour Herald published a cartoon depicting mass murderer Menachem Begin as a Nazi. The Board of Deputies of “British” Jews reported Livingstone (who was co-founder and co-editor) to the Attorney General.
(6) Redgrave
accused of antisemitism, published in the Jewish Chronicle, August 24, 1979, page 3.
(7) The Clinton smear like the attack on Robin Cook was both widely reported and for the most part summarily dismissed. Clinton has been described as the most politically correct person in Arkansas.
(8) For the full story see the Daily Mail, January 17, 1998, pages 40-2.
(9) An uncharacteristically hostile (and very witty) review of the book The Secret War Against The Jews, by John Loftus and Mark Aarons, was published in the Jewish Chronicle, September 5, 1997, page 28, under the title “J’accuse”: just about everybody. Reviewer Geoffrey Paul points out that “At last, Jewish paranoia has its own handbook”; among other things “intelligence sources” are cited by this book to have claimed that Kissinger had set up the Jews for a major defeat in the Yom Kippur War!
(10) One critic suggested it be renamed the Defamation League.
(11) The Jew In American Politics, by Nathaniel Weyl, published by Arlington House, (1968), page 143. See also for example 1 in 5 Americans Anti-Semitic, Survey Finds, published in the Tulsa World, November 17, 1992, page 12, SECTION A.
(12) Alleged Jewish ‘Control’ of the American Motion Picture Industry.
(13) Forgery indeed!
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(15) THE AMERICAN HEBREW AND JEWISH MESSENGER, New York, Ab, 17, 5665, August 18, 1905, page 320.
(16) A copy of this speech is held by the British Library. In a 1975 lecture (made at and published for University College London), the Jewish academic Chimen Abramsky renders this quote thus: “if you give us a declaration in favour of Zionism, this declaration will make the Jews of the World understand that you are really friendly, and the friendship of the Jews of the World is not a thing to be blown upon: it is a thing that matters a great deal, even for a mighty empire like the British.” [His emphasis].
(17) The entry of the United States into the First World War actually predated the Balfour Declaration by several months, but there can be no doubt whatsoever that Organised Jewry were beating the drum in the United States well before that; they weren’t the only ones, of course; American bankers were also keen for the United States to enter the War to safeguard the massive loans they had made to the Allies. For the record, prominent Jews were also active in the anti-war movement.
(18) The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Volume 1, page 6.
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(26) The 1999 edition has entries for the Polish Jewish Refugee Fund; Norwood Ravenswood (a renowned Jewish charity); and Nightingale House (The Home for Aged Jews) among others.
(27) At one time the epithet anti-Semitic was directed with gay abandon at those actively engaged in the anti-communist struggle. Today, most nationalists (including black nationalists) are fair game.
(28) Anti-Semitism Worldwide, 1996/7, compiled by the Anti-Defamation League and The World Jewish Congress, published by Ramot Publishing, Tel Aviv, (1997), At page 108, IPB Leader David Mussa Pidcock (indexed as David Nussa Pidcock) is said to be “author of The Satanic Voices, an absurd anti-Semitic tract which alleges a Judeo-Christian conspiracy against Islam.” On page 110, the IPB is said to be an extremist Islamic group.
(29) National Socialist German Workers Party (ie the Nazi Party).
(30) American Hebrew, December 14, 1934, page 110.
(31) Islam forbids totally the consumption of alcohol, of course.

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