The creation of money as an interest-bearing debt and the lending of that money at interest to governments, companies and private individuals – in a word, usury – is the biggest racket ever foisted onto an unsuspecting humanity. Like every racket, the people at the top benefit, and so do plenty of people lower down. Every police state has its propagandists, agents and sundry lackeys, including in the most surprising places. It is a matter of record that the Gestapo recruited Jewish spies, even in the concentration camps. (1) It should come as no surprise therefore that however filthy a racket – be it slavery, forced prostitution, or whatever – the people who benefit, or who think they benefit, from maintaining the status quo, will go to extraordinary lengths to maintain it, including heaping the most vile abuse on anyone who seeks to overthrow or simply to reform the system. One of the most common forms of abuse hurled at financial reformers is the claim, or more often the insinuation, of anti-Semitism. It is therefore vital that all financial reformers – not just Moslems – should be prepared to meet this smear head on, and know how to refute it.


What Is Anti-Semitism?


The word anti-Semitism was coined by the German fanatic Wilhelm Marr (1819-1904), founder in 1879 of the Anti-Semitic League. The word has never been directed at Arabs (ie Semites) but was intended specifically to mean hostility to Jews and Jewish influences (sreal and imagined) with particular reference to the Jewish religion.

Marr was no rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth bigot, nor were his beliefs about Jews based on fantasy, hearsay or wishful thinking. Among other things he ridiculed ritual murder propaganda; he was also married four times, three times to Jewish women. (2) In short, Marr was a man who knew Jews well, and had some bad experiences of them. This is hardly surprising because we do not live in a perfect world, and just as the Jews have their saints, so too do they have their sinners. We may argue about the percentages – are Jews more honest, more evil, etc than other groups? – but at the end of the day this all comes down to statistics, which as we all know can be used to prove almost anything. (3)

The original definition of anti-Semitism has been expanded considerably by Jewish apologists and propagandists so that an anti-Semite is now no longer someone who doesn’t like Jews but someone any Jew or group of them doesn’t like. As even the most easy going of people makes enemies, that means each and every one of us is an anti-Semite in some Jew’s eyes.

Those accused of anti-Semitism in recent years include then US President George Bush (for opposing unchecked Zionist expansionism); (4) now London Mayor Ken Livingstone (for condemning Zionist atrocities); (5) actress Vanessa Redgrave (for committing the heinous crime of supporting Palestinian rights); (6) Foreign Secretary Robin Cook (for shaking hands with a member of the Palestinian National Council on a visit to “Israel”); Hillary Clinton (for allegedly using a racial epithet more than twenty-five years before seeking the Democratic nomination for New York!); (7) the singer Shirley Bassey (who was sued unsuccessfully for breach of contract by her Jewish PA of fifteen years); (8) and the American-Jewish politician Henry Kissinger! (9)

The misnamed Anti-Defamation League, the premier Jewish smear outfit in the United States, (10) claims that one in five Americans holds anti-Semitic beliefs. (11)


Jewish Power And “Anti-Semitism”


In the modern world, most so-called anti-Semitism is no such thing; it is simply people expressing – at times forceful – opinions on various issues concerning Jewish activity, and often as not Jewish mischief-making. In the political sphere this activity often involves pulling wires behind the scenes, dirty tricks campaigns, and all manner of lobbying, some of it honest, open and above board, but much of it not so. Politics is a dirty business, everybody recognises that, but any suggestion that Jews and in particular Zionists (not all of whom are Jewish) get their hands dirty from time to time results inevitably in shrieks of outrage.

An article on the ADL’s website (downloaded by the current writer in December 2000) states that “ADL does not accept the notion that Jews in any field act in concert with other Jews similarly situated simply because they happen to be Jewish. To believe otherwise is to accept a conspiracy theory that is the anti-Semites’ stock-in-trade and relegates Jews to a kind of second-class citizenship.” (12) This is an incredibly venal statement even for the ADL to make; everyone accepts that Moslems, blacks, police officers, businessmen, trades unionists, boxing promoters, even nudists, act in concert with people “similarly situated” to promote their own vested interests, but anyone who suggests that Jews do the same thing is promoting an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory!

The same article says that statistics are not readily available and the number or percentage of Jews or any group involved in any industry is of no importance. This will no doubt come as a great shock to the “anti-racist” industry which is based largely on the wilful misinterpretation of such statistics, (which are of course readily available).

Another dirty trick of Organised Jewry is to drag in the Protocols Of Zion at every conceivable opportunity on the spurious pretext that anyone who accuses any Jews anywhere at any time of “conspiring” is simply recycling this proven forgery. (13)

Some people go further than even the ADL.

On October 1, 2001, the London Daily Mail published a letter from Carol Gould – apparently a Jewess – who whined of a previous correspondent that:

“Reference to the centuries-old libel against the Jews of a vast Jewish conspiracy, now called ‘The Jewish Lobby’, is worthy of the views not of a modern academic but of a 12th century Jew-baiter”.

Any otherwise intelligent, well-informed person who claims in all sincerity that there is no Jewish lobby is even more deluded than those who endorse the Protocols Of Zion.

Jewish power is real and is not, as the ADL would have the gullible goyim believe, a fantasy concocted by anti-Semites to scapegoat the People of the Book for all the world’s ills. The creation of the State of Israel demonstrated the reality of Jewish power, and this pariah state’s continued existence is a living monument to it. Incisive comments on the reality of Jewish power throughout the ages can be found in many places, most notably in their own publications, where Organised Jewry often gloat over their mendacity with a candour which would put the most rabid of anti-Semites to shame. Here are a few examples:

Theodor Herzl no less: “When we sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat, the subordinate officers of all revolutionary parties; and at the same time, when we rise, there rises also our terrible power of the purse.” (14)

In a letter published in 1905, American-Jewish activist Simon Wolf wrote to Count de Witte: “Russia, at this juncture, needs two important elements to insure its future prosperity and happiness: money and friends. The Jews of the world as citizens of their respective countries, control much of the first and would make a magnificent army of the latter...There is no use in disguising the fact, that in the United States especially, the Jews form an important factor in the formation of public opinion and in the control of the finances.” (15)

Addressing a Zionist meeting on September 21, 1919, the arch-schemer Chaim Weizmann said “If you give us a declaration in favour of Zionism, this declaration will make the Jews of the world understand that you are really friendly, and the friendship of the Jews of the world is not a thing to be blown upon: it is a thing that matters a great deal, even for a mighty empire like that of the British.” (16)

The British did give Organised Jewry such a declaration of course, the Balfour Declaration; Weizmann kept his word, and the United States was duly dragged into the Great War on the side of the Allies. And there has been no peace in the Middle East since. (17)

Many centuries before this we learn that: “Aaron the Jew, who held us in his debt, coming to the House of St. Alban in great pride and boasting, with threats kept on boasting that it was he who had made the window for our St. Alban...” (18)

And my personal favourite from a Jewish author writing in a large format popular book on the film industry: “Until television undercut the industry’s power, Jews guided the destiny of America’s largest propaganda machine [and] put their stamp on the American mind...” (19)

It goes without saying that Jewish dirty tricks, like the proverbial iceberg, are nine-tenths hidden from view, so when people talk about Jewish conspiracies they should not necessarily be written off as anti-Semites, “cranks” or “nutters”. Conspiracies are real, including Jewish conspiracies, as even the government of Israel acknowledges. (20)

That being said, it is a quantum leap from the mendacity of Organised Jewry which none but the brave will even dare to mention, to the all-encompassing conspiracy which the gullible take as given. In the past Jews were heavily involved in banking and usury, although they are less so today; many Jewish families and individual Jews have profited from usury; it may even be that Jews invented usury, but the issue for financial reformers is not “WHO creates our money?” but “HOW is our money to be created?”


Jews And Usury: Historically


The roster of Jewish names associated with banking, particularly “international banking”, is so long that it is embarrassing: Goldman, Lehman, Loeb, Seligman, and of course Rothschild, to name but five. At one time these and other Jewish families controlled vast financial empires; some still do. The financial system today though is controlled by corporations, not by individuals or even by families, and to a large extent it is raceless. No one in his right mind would suggest that Jews control every single bank in the world; that may have been feasible at one time, when the world (in mercantile terms) consisted largely of the British, Holy Roman and Ottoman Empires, but not today. There are though some people who blame “the Jews” or just “Jews” for the financial system. After all, they reason, they created it, so usury is a Jewish con trick, and all the goyim who work within the system are either in league with or manipulated by their Jewish masters. This sort of argument can be alluring, but it omits one tiny but significant detail.


Usury And Free Will


In the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide, one Trotskyite newspaper opined:

“The roots of Rwanda’s civil war lie in the divisions caused by decades of colonial rule by Western powers and the deep poverty that the capitalist world system has brought to Africa.
 There will be no solution from French troops or the United Nations. They represent precisely the forces which have pillaged Africa.
 The only lasting way out is for Rwandans of all ethnic backgrounds to unite against the foreign troops and the rich.” (21)

This is typical of the rhetoric of the Socialist Workers Party and its fellow travellers: all the evils of the world are blamed on the capitalist system and racism. Even when black men are slaughtering each other by the million, and Westerners are striving mightily to stop the bloodshed, the SWP blames the white man. In their eyes the black man can do no wrong – except the black capitalist class, of course – whatever happens it’s the wicked (white) capitalists who are to blame.

This sort of nonsense ignores something each and every one of us has: free will. True, white men did rule Africa during the Colonial period, but they didn’t wield the machetes during the Rwandan genocide. Contemporary Africans, not long dead white men, perpetrated that holocaust.

By the same token, just because Jews played a large part in the creation of the banking system doesn’t mean that the racket today is (or ever was) specifically a Jewish racket. The people who control the banking system today, rather than long dead Jewish usurers, are the men responsible for the current malaise. But even historically, Jews were not always and only to blame.


Usury – Not “Jewsury” – Is The Enemy


In his book Literature And Money, scholar Cedric Watts writes “In Elizabethan England, usury burgeoned; and it was clearly not a matter that could be attributed to Jews, since virtually all of them had been banished from England in 1290.” (22) Anyone who studies the history of usury will soon conclude that however prominent Jews were in its creation and perpetuation, they were and remain vastly outnumbered by Gentile usurers.

A prominent Gentile banking family, the Medici, controlled much of the finances of 15th Century Italy. It is written of Cosimo de’ Medici (1389-1464) that “when Venice and Naples were at war with Florence, he called in the debts from these two enemy states, making it impossible for them to continue fighting.” (23) This statement – from a popular history of international banking – illustrates both the power of finance, the terrible power of the purse as Herzl called it, and the fact that this power has never been wielded exclusively by Jews.

It goes without saying that if in the above case one man, Cosimo de’ Medici, could bring peace by starving the combatants of capital, that the reverse is possible, and indeed, many financiers, including Jewish financiers, have both bankrolled wars and revolutions and profited from them.

The American-Jewish financier Jacob Schiff (1847-1920) was instrumental both in denying finance to Tsarist Russia and in supporting Japan in the Russo-Japanese War. After the Japanese victory, Schiff boasted that Russia had come to understand that “international Jewry is a power after all”. (24)

But however much some Jews may have profited and continue to profit from the debt-based money system, it must never be forgotten that usury is an evil that affects people from all ethnic backgrounds. The fact that some people suffer more than others should not detract us from this stark reality. It is common in the rhetoric of the anti-usury movement to refer to “debtor nations” and the “rich nations” of the West (ie us). It is certainly true that Britain for example is an extremely wealthy nation when compared with say Burkina Faso, but no one in his right mind would suggest that extreme poverty (including homelessness) does not exist in Britain. Just as Britain is a rich nation with many poor citizens, so Jews are a wealthy and powerful minority, but individual Jews are often in the same financial boat as their Gentile neighbours, even in that wealthiest of nations, the United States.

A 1974 study revealed that the South Beach area of Miami Beach had 40,000 poor residents, four fifths of them over 65 and 85% of them Jewish. (25) More recent studies in Britain and elsewhere tell the same story; the reader has only to consult the Jewish Year Book. (26) Anyone who has ever visited Stamford Hill (the largest enclave of Orthodox Jews in Britain) will see Jews who are unemployed, working class and in some cases suffering real hardship.

The abolition of usury will benefit all mankind, Gentile and Jew, it may even benefit Jews more than most because when riba is no more there will be one less stick for real anti-Semites to batter them over their heads with.


There Is No Avoiding The Smear


If you are involved in, or concerned with, financial reform in any meaningful way, ie the abolition of the debt-based money system, you will be smeared as an anti-Semite. This is not an optional extra. This smear is not specific to financial reformers, anyone who stands up to the Zionist menace, or who comments in any way, manner, shape or form, on any form of Jewish mendacity will suffer the same fate. (27) But if you oppose usury YOU WILL BE SMEARED AS AN ANTI-SEMITE. The Islamic Party Of Britain is listed in the ADL’s international report on anti-Semitism, as is this journal, Common Sense. (28) The IPB is an organisation which has a long track record of working with Jews, Christians and non-believers in the financial reform movement, but the charge has been made, and of course there can never be smoke without fire. At least not for the ADL and its fellow travellers in Britain and elsewhere.

A stock insinuation is that anyone who advocates financial reform must be an anti-Semite because the Nazis advocated financial reform. This is a smear of guilt by association. The author of the NSDAP’s (29) programme was not Adolf Hitler but Gottfried Feder, who espoused similar ideas to Major Douglas, the founder of Social Credit. Breaking the thraldom of interest was a major plank of the Feder programme. However, in 1934, Feder was purged from the Party, (30) and by and large it was “business as usual” for the money creators. Even if that had not been the case, so what? The Nazis were opposed to cruelty to animals, and Hitler himself was a strict vegetarian, a non-smoker and totally abstemious. No one in his right mind would suggest that on that account the RSPCA, the Jewish Vegetarian Society, the medical profession throughout the world and anyone who advocates temperance (31) is a Nazi fellow traveller.

It is important for all involved in this most worthy of causes – not just Moslems – to recognise the mendacity of the forces we are up against, and to be able to meet and refute this particular smear head on. Jewish power is real; Jewish mendacity is real; but the power of the international cabal of raceless and for the most part faceless money creators is by far the most powerful force on Earth, and it will smear, attack, and ultimately crush, anyone, Gentile or Jew, who gets in its way.

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