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Clifford Hugh Douglas was born 134 years ago this week. The website is devoted to his life, philosophy and work.

C.H. Douglas (1879-1952), Founding Father of Social Credit.

As a disciple of Major Douglas for over thirty years I was of course aware of many websites that promote his philosophy, Social Credit, and indeed one of my own websites is dedicated to exposing the corrupt, debt-based money system. I did not know though that the Social Credit Secretariat had set up a dedicated Douglas website. The domain for this was registered as far back as June 23, 2001, and the site has been up and running since or shortly after that date.

The world needs Major Douglas more than anything or anyone else at this time. Last Sunday, Owen Jones wrote in The Independent that British politics needs a new force - a movement on the Left to counter capitalismís crisis.

This is a widely held view, and one that is as absurd as it is incorrect, as every Social Crediter knows. Broadly speaking, there are two political ideologies in the modern world as far as economics is concerned: capitalism and collectivism - the latter in all its forms including socialism, communism and its professed dire enemy, fascism.

When it comes to the production and distribution of goods and services, capitalism wins hands down. Of the other forms, fascism is marginally the lesser of evils because at least it made the trains run on time, while socialism and communism canít even achieve that. Ultimately though, the only people who want to live under any sort of dictatorship are those who run it, those who police it, and those who have been brainwashed or allowed themselves to be brainwashed by its at times far from subtle propaganda.

Under capitalism there is never any shortage of goods and services, but there is increasingly a shortage of purchasing power. Social Credit explains both why and what needs to be done to remedy this problem. The full text of the book that bears the title Social Credit can be found in HTML format on another website. It has to be admitted that Major Douglas is not the easiest author in the world to understand, so those who unfamiliar with his work but who want to know more should begin with the former site, which includes articles from academic journals, like this one. For those who want to listen rather than read, the site also contains an audio recording of Douglas reading The Causes Of War, an address he delivered in November 1934, and which is just as relevant today if not more so. If you donít understand what he is saying the first time, listen again until you do.

Whatever his views on politics, finance and war, Major Douglas would undoubtedly agree that ultimately the biggest problem we face today is not an economic one, but a mindset, in particular the idea that there is such a thing as a free lunch, but only for the banking system, and that the rest of the world must go hungry in order to ensure the banksters do not.

[The above review was first published January 24, 2013.]

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