Abolishing The Poverty Trap


At a time when the world has never been richer, vast tranches of the population are trapped in a downward spiral of poverty, unemployment and disenfranchisement. The response of governments worldwide has been to attempt to maximise employment – the insane doctrine of jobs at any price – regardless of whether artificially government created jobs produce wealth or destroy it. As technology becomes more and more sophisticated so society becomes more and more polarised between the haves and the have-nots, and the poverty trap deepens.

Aggravating these very real problems is the race industry and its fellow travellers with their incessant harping on about racism – the supposed root of all evil in this modern age – and their equally insane demands that wealth be redistributed by some arbitrary means from white “oppressors” to the (non-white) underclass, by the institution of racial quotas backed up by increasingly Draconian “race relations” legislation.

In this seminal study the author tackles both these modern myths head on. Demolishing both the nonsense of full employment and the ideological claptrap of racist economic oppression, he calls for the abolition of make-work schemes and racial quotas, and the institution of a non-means tested income payable to every citizen as a right.

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